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Andy Miller
United States
I'm a writer presently living in North Carolina who also likes to dabble in photography and the like. I'm a tabletop role playing gamer and have written several articles and scenarios for some pretty commong rpgs. I've also been contributing to Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine on a regular basis.

Current Residence: Sugar Grove, NC
Favourite genre of music: Classical
I write.  I love to write.  But I've always found that I had a hard time making up a story from scratch.  Enter role playing games.  In 1991 (or thereabouts) I started to write journals of the tabletop role playing games I either ran or played.  I mostly played Dungeons and Dragons but in later years, changed to other games.

I found that I had a knack for it.  People enjoyed reading them.  I was better at writing about things that actually happened (albeit at the game table) than making things up from scratch.  The games gave me something real (of sorts) to write about.

I spent 10 years writing for a newspaper and continue to look for another job like that one.  Writing things that really happened, either for the news, or for my journals, was enjoyable.  Is enjoyable.

In the last few years, I've started posted those journals online at a few different places:, MySpace, FaceBook, and even TrekSpace. Below are the links to the various places, just in case aonyone here has an interest in reading them.  I hope you do. I'd love to hear what people think of them.  Though they are more for keeping a record than a polished and finished story, they are still interesting.  At least I think so.


For the two year Call of Cthulhu campaign i ran while living in NW Ohio with some great gamers, and the games I've been playing in lately, go here:…

For numerous other and varied journals, including games of 2300 AD, Time Lord, Expendables, Privateers and Gentlemen, Ringworld, Star Frontiers, Ghostbusters International, Metamorphosis Alpha, and others, go here:…

And finally, and most recently, for the two Star Trek games I ran, go here:…

Most are in reverse order and those covering more than one entry are numbered.

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